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Stretch Wrapping Machine

SITCO are pallet wrap and stretch film specialists based in the Bahrain, established in 2000, with over 20 years’ experience of installing pallet wrapping machines throughout Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Egypt. We also offer the best quality and most suitable pallet wrapper available for your application.

Being one of the top FROMM Stretch Wrapping Machine suppliers in Bahrain, SITCO offers a broad range of stretch wrapping machines that starts with the entry-level cost-effective semi-automatic machine, suitable for low throughput usage, through the most complete and fully featured automatic machine for higher volumes and demanding professional use.

Pallet wrapping machines will improve the cost efficiency of your operation by supplying a superior quality of wrapping to a consistently high standard. Choosing the best wrapping machine suitable for your operation will depend on the type of products being packed, your required daily output and type of transportation they are to undertake. We have a complete range of packaging products including Table Strapping Machines, Tape Sealing Machine, Shrink Machine, Strapping Tools, and accessories.