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Baler & Compactor Machine Bahrain

Baler & Compactor Machine


SITCO is the sole distributor of Orwak waste handling products in Bahrain. From small stand-alone vertical presses to fully automated horizontal lines, we offer a complete range of baling machinery. You’ll benefit from lower waste disposal costs, a safer and tidier workplace, and a boost to your green targets.

Compacting and baling equipment are available in many sizes and configurations. Orwak waste baler machine range are high quality, heavy duty systems known for their reliability and long lifespan. Suitable for indoor or outdoor operation and easy to use, designed with the operator in mind.

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Cardboard AND Plastic Balers & Recycling Compactors

Compacting and baling equipment reduces large amounts of solid waste to smaller, more manageable units by means of powered rams. These machines may be used by manufacturing companies to compact and bale large amounts of scrap and waste materials such as paper, cotton, plastic, and metals, and by retail and service industries to compress paper and cardboard boxes.

SITCO is one of the leading suppliers of waste baling machines and recycling compactors for businessesin Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Egypt. Our balers and compactors can be relied upon for all your business waste and recycling needs, appropriate for all forms of waste including cardboard and plastic.