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Double Sided Tapes

Double Sided Tape Supplier in Bahrain

Double-sided adhesive tapes are used in almost all branches of industry and services. Being the top suppliers and manufacturers of adhesive tapes, we order and stock from the best Tape Manufactures around the world. It has many uses such as mounting posters, number plates, wardrobe mirrors, fixing & holding plastic mounting, sign plates, electrical parts, plastic hooks etc.

Stretch Film is an easy and effective way to secure palletized goods and help to avoid dirt and moisture. Our stretch films are made while ensuring consistently high quality and are highly appreciated by the customers for their long-lasting performance. Each of our Stretch Film is uniform in dimension and has better pressure-handling capability. It can easily cover even the irregular-sized load and even the loads having sharp edges. Such tremendous features along with its durability and affordability make our Stretch Film the best choice to avail.

At SITCO, we offer a complete range of film which fulfills customer's demands to quality and efficiency.

  • Excellent holding forces and puncture resistance for safe transportation.
  • Helps to improve customers packaging process.
  • Easy handling to ensure reliable and safe packaging.
  • Excellent barrier properties and moisture protection of the goods.
  • High clarity for product and barcode identification.
  • Several qualities available for manual and fully automatic machine applications.

SITCO's cast film is made of virgin and high quality raw materials with a unique composition, giving the film extreme pre-stretching qualities and unbeatable strength. We produce special high performance film that can be stretch by up to 300%. This enables perfect packaging solutions and is especially suitable for high performance machines with strong pre-stretching requirements.