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Duct Cloth Tapes

Duct Cloth Tape Supplier in Bahrain

SITCO offers a full range of cloth duct tape to satisfy even the most demanding requirements and industry standards. We are one of the leading suppliers of cloth tape, with vast experience and product expertise. As one of the largest manufacturers of cloth tape in Bahrain, SITCO understands this product category, and its cloth tapes are specified and used globally across a range of markets.

Duct and cloth tapes are known for their versatility and usefulness across a broad spectrum of industries. These tapes feature aggressive adhesion, high strength, and moisture resistance. Choose from standard silver and black duct tape to a variety of colors and grades for heavy industrial use, HVAC and plumbing, tough construction jobs, hanging poly-sheeting, bundling, wrapping, sealing and general purpose.

Advantages of Duct Cloth Tapes are:

  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Flexibility and conformability
  • High tack and adhesion
  • Easy tear by hand
  • High strength and robust
  • Good unwind by hand for ease of use
  • Wide colour range availability