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Lashing Woven Strap

Cordlash woven lashing is the worldwide standard for non-metallic lashing. Cordlash woven lashing is the perfect securing solution for flatrack, railcar, and ship applications. Cordlash woven lashings are manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns in a woven structure.

Woven strapping and lashing belts are made of high tensile polyester yarns. Due to its material characteristics, it has low elongation, is highly tear-proof, and absorbs very little moisture. Lashing is an arrangement of rope or belts used to secure two or more items together in a somewhat rigid manner.

One-way cargo securing strapping with high tensile strength is an economic and easy-to-handle alternative for conventional tension belts and/or complex wooden crates for load securing. The usage of lashing is steadily increasing as a method for load securing on flat racks and in containers.

Cordstrap Woven Polyester Lashing Supplier - Bahrain

Being an authorised distributor of Cordstrap B.V in Bahrain, SITCO offers a wide variety of Cordstrap’s woven lashing solutions of unique polyester lashing products, lashing straps & buckles to secure your cargo during all modes of transportation.

Our polyester woven lashings are available in a wide variety of widths and strengths.

Cordstrap Woven Polyester Lashing Supplier - Bahrain

Benefits of Cordstrap Woven Polyester Lashings:

  • Optimized for cargo securing on flatracks, railcars & ship.
  • Safe for users & receivers.
  • Cost effective.
  • Fast to apply.
  • Re-tensionable.
  • Does not damage your products.
  • Printable with your company name & logo.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Certified & Approved by reputable organizations including Germanischer Lloyd, AAR & IMO.
  • High retained tension.
  • High system strengths.
  • Light-weight & portable.
  • Will not rust or rot.
Cordlash woven polyester lashing products have many advantages over conventional lashing products such as steel straps, re-usable ratchets, steel wire (rope), chains, and wood. Compared to these products, Cordstrap woven lashing straps can usually be applied in a faster, safer, and more cost-effective way.

Cordlash woven polyester lashing is used in combination with our innovative dynamic load buckle or heavy-duty buckle. These buckles provide the strongest and most reliable joint in the lashing industry.

Cordlash polyester lashing products comply with IMO guidelines on cargo securing. All lash/buckle combinations are individually tested & certified by Germanischer Lloyd.

AAR approved

Cordlash composite lashings have AAR approvals for a variety of methods and applications for:
  • Containers.
  • Railcars.
  • Open top loading.

Your local Cordlash polyester lashing specialist from SITCO will be happy to demonstrate and train your staff onsite how to apply our composite lashings.